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  ManuLog Platform - Emerging Industries Open Innovation Collaboration Platform
This open innovation platform is the result of a partnership between the LENS Living Lab and Toolmakers Cluster of Slovenia. The main mission of this platform is to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of research and innovation collaborative initiatives and projects from the field of Industry 4.0 and the key enabling technology (KET) applications. The target industries are machinery, automotive, aerospace and logistics industries. The list of related ongoing open research and innovation collaborative (ORICs) programs:
  • International ORIC program "Smart Machines & Systems (SM&S)" and
  • Regional ORIC program "InnoTECH 2020".
We are focused of the following areas of key enabling technologies and services:
  • Additive manufacturing based on laser technologies,
  • Internet of things and services,
  • Collaborative robots for SMEs,
  • Manufacturing industry 4.0 logistics services,
  • Virtual manufacturing industry business models and services,
  • Open research-innovation communities (RICs) and innovation ecosystems and
  • Global knowledge market services
Within the ManuLog Platform operates a project office for the collaborative partners and project funding search and related research-innovation projects implementation support.
International collaborative open research and innovation (CRI) program "Smart Machines & Systems" (SM&S) was initiated by the LENS Living Lab coordinator in 2011.
SM&S represents the 4th generation of manufacturing machines, equipment, tools, components, enabling technologies and systems, as a part of the Factory of the Future. SM&S is based on the extensive use of the so called "Service Relieving and Mobility Technologies (SRMT)". SM&S vision is based on the postulate that the SM&S deliverables provider is responsible for the entire life-cycle of its use. This includes custom design, engineering, deployment, operations monitoring, maintenance, upgrading and decommissioning at the end of its use. 
The basic SM&S characteristics are:
A. Business and commercial characteristics:
  1. Clients friendly concept of »Service Relieving and Mobility Technologies «,
  2. Portfolio of different SM&S client sensitive business solutions,
  3. SM&S deliverables can be owned by a client or leased by its vendor, with a portfolio of different custom-sensitive possibilities,
  4. Technology based life cycle costing optimization,
  5. SM&S deliverables remotely controlled  by innovative ICT solutions and  systems,
  6. Vendor's responsibility "Cradle to Cradle",
  7. Next generation CRM systems.
 B. Engineering & operating characteristics:
  1. SM&S modular design and systems,
  2. Nature and environment-friendly solutions,
  3. Intelligent deliverables which reduce maintenance costs,
  4. Sensor, measuring transducers, actuators, drive technologies and other systems which allows remote monitoring and controlling,
  5. Virtual design, engineering and operating systems which includes collaborative organizations in the overall flexible virtual operation system,
  6. Next generation of supporting systems, services and competences,
  7. Strong stakeholders involvement in continuous improvement processes,
  8. Portfolio of open research and innovation collaboration platforms,
  9. Research and innovation collaborative ecosystems.
SM&S Implementation Strategy – 7S
  1. Holistic research and innovation approach (technology, organization, people),
  2. CRI program as an open innovation collaborative platform,
  3. Criteria for identification of SM&S collaborative projects, program initiatives and proposals,
  4. Searching for regional and international business cases of innovative industry Integrators, their collaborative value chains and supporting innovation ecosystems,
  5. Participation, collaboration and support to similar corporate or international initiatives, programs and projects,
  6. Permanent international scouting for related collaborative opportunities,
  7. Development of SM&S international virtual innovation community (pool of experts, organizations, knowledge base, collaborative infrastructure development)
Collaborative partners and regional coordinators from  Slovenia, Denmark, Greece, India, South Africa, USA.
More information the ManuLog Platform: &
Collaborative research and innovation project - Smart Integrated Robotics System for SMEs controlled by IoTs based on Dynamic Manufacturing Processes
TCS and LENS Living lab are collaborative partners of the HORSE Project
Project Background
“Think of a metal factory worker manipulating and finishing a heavy sand cast part full of sharp edges with a pair of gloves, a hammer and a heavy grinder as only tools - and imagine how a dynamically available robotic handling arm can improve this situation”
“Think of a car factory where human workers and robots are strictly separated - and imagine how safe collaboration of both can make production much more efficient”
“Think of a robotic production line where a sudden robot failure brings things to a grinding halt - and imagine how safe human take-over of its task can bring things up-to-speed swiftly”

Project goals
  1. A new flexible model of  smart factory
  2. Involving collaboration of humans, robots, AGV’s and machinery to realize industrial tasks in an efficient manner,
  3. Robotics assistance which will improve operator's conditions of work, worker’s safety, quality and production effectiveness,
  4. The pilot industrial applications and
  5. Network of competence centres supported by the regional innovation hubs

Source: HORSE Project

15 participating partners from 7 EU counttries
Project time span: 2015-2020
Project coordinator: European Dynamics Advanced Systems of Telecommunications Informatics and Telematics SA
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 680734
ManuLog Project Office Support

Project Office activities are focused on support of the ManuLog collaborative research and innovative programs and projects. In the context of EU Policy on »Synergies between HORIZON 2020 and ESIF – European Structural and Investment Funds«, TCS is active in the following areas:
  • Participation in programs within the EU programme for Research and Innovation HORIZON 2020
  • Participation in EU Interrregional programs
  • Participation within Strategy of smart specialization of the Republic of Slovenia
Within HORIZON 2020 we are active, especially in the PPP FOF – Public-private partnership Factories of the Future, which includes areas NMP-Nanotechnologies, advanced materials and advanced production technologies and ICT-Information and communication technologies. Currently we are partners of the presented FOF-2015 I4MS project »HORSE - Smart integrated Robotics system for SMEs controlled by Internet of Things based on dynamic manufacturing processes«.
 Within EU Interregional programs we are involved in the project preparation initiatives in the R&D area, especially within Danube program.
 Within Strategy of smart specialization of the Republic of Slovenia LENS Living lab with TCS prepared the InnoTECH 2020 program as a regional application of the mentioned open research and innovation program "Smart Machine & Systems"  by involving leading Slovenian enterprises in the areas of machine, automotive and toolmaking industry. With this program, C-TCS Institute as a legal representative of the ManuLog Platform  will apply to the appropriate calls within the Slovenian Smart specialization strategy.
More information:
C-TCS Institute / ManuLog Platform  &
Knowledge Management Festivals - KM FEST Events in 2016
  • KM FEST in India (12th - 13th February 2016 (see below information)
  • KM FEST in USA - Southfield, MI, Lawrence Technological University (13th - 14th April 2016)
  • KM FEST in Nurnberg, Germany (autumn)
  • KM FEST in Odense, Denmark (autumn)
The detail information will be available on the KM FEST Global Collaboration Platform
Knowledge Management Festival - KM FEST in India (12th -13th February 2016)
Having adequate and required infrastructure is the backbone for any meaningful industrial activity to provide growth to a nation’s economy. According to a World Bank assessments, the output elasticity of infrastructure lies in the range of 0.07 and 0.10, implying that doubling of infrastructure capital investment can raise the GDP to the extent of 7-10%. Infrastructure is also a key indicator for the investment climate as well as efficiency in the movement of goods and services which is so vital for any industrial and business activity. A good infrastructure will attract investors’ capital to give the necessary impetus to growth for an economy. Infrastructure in general covers roads, railways, ports including sea and airports, power and telecommunication.
India is a fast developing economy and is growing at a rate higher than that of China. India is now over two trillion dollar economy and is expected to provide double digit growth and integrating faster with global economy. The investment in infrastructure in India is about 8 percent of the GDP. However, the investment in infrastructure is proposed to be raised to around 2500 billion USD during 2016-17. This gigantic activities in Indian infrastructure cannot be accomplished without involvement of all stake holders as well as investment flowing from all other sources including foreign direct investment (FDI).This magnitude of funding will not be possible from government’s tax payers money alone and as such many such large projects will have to be implemented in public-private-partnership (PPP) mode. Efficient project management of these infrastructure projects will also be the key imperatives. The project managers and management consultants will have a great role to play in this onerous task.
Project and Technology Management Foundation( PTMF) a constituent unit and co-promoter of KM FEST in association with Institute of Management Consultants of India(IMCI) has embarked upon organising a national conference on the same theme to be held at India International Centre(IIC), New Delhi during 12th and 13th February 2016. This event is co-sponsored by KM FEST as well as Consulting Engineers Association of India(CEAI). This is therefore, also a KM-FEST initiated and sponsored activity.
The objective of this conference is to bring together all stake holders namely central and state governments, engineering and project consultants and contractors, PPP operators and consultants, management consultants and professionals, experts, academicians and researchers from the field of project management to discuss the critical challenges in implementation of large infrastructure projects to facilitate implementation of projects and project objective without any time and cost overrun.
This conference is likely to be addressed by concerned and relevant central ministers and policy makers as well as by heads of infrastructure companies in private and public sectors, academicians, researchers and most importantly by high profile project and management consultants. Some of the speakers are from global consulting fraternity. The deliberations in the conference will identify key areas of consulting and project management interface which are critical for success for such large infrastructure projects and therefore is expected to add significant value for the project managers and management consultants.
We are expecting participation of around 250-300 delegates in this conference representing all stakeholders. There will be galaxy of well-known personalities drawn from all professions who are likely to address and actively participate in the deliberations of the conference. We will bring out a post conference summary and key learnings and recommendations emanating from the discussions and deliberations which we will carry in the future issue of the LENS Living Lab Newsletter. We can offer free registration and local stay for select overseas delegates and KM FEST promoters for which they should contact us in address given in the brochure which was circulated to everyone. Also future versions of the brochure will be sent out to all our readers through KM FEST coordinator Dr Brane Semolic. He will be our global contact point.

Prepared by:
Prof(Dr) Rajat K Baisya is the Chairman of the Conference Organising Committee, also President of Project & Technology Management Foundation ( PTMF) in India as well as core team member of  LENS Living Lab and KM FEST.
We wish you all the best in New Year 2016!
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